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  • You’ll Be Invited To Hellfire Many Times
    prayer. my lord, forgive me my lord, forgive me my heart sometimes goes numb from the pain of the little girl who lost her...
  • My Soul Was Losing the Battle
    vulnerability. that’s the problem with showing those weak and aching parts of you that make you human. it gives other...
  • Does Your Sheikh Need a Shrink? Healing Spiritual Trauma
    “And fear the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then shall every soul be paid...
  • Our Addiction to Self-Abuse
    “Victim or victor. For emotional manipulators, these are the only states of existence. You’ll almost never hear them say,...
  • Do I Have the Right To Exist?
    “I have felt at times that I didn’t have the right to exist. Almost everything I was taught about...
  • Life Is Unfair, So Islam Is Unjust?
    “And wish not for the things in which Allah has made some of you excel others. For men there...
  • Beauty Becomes Ugly Until You Heal
    I wish I had more then mere words to convey this profound truth that I uncovered while healing from...
  • When Muslims Wrong You ‘For the Sake of Allah’
    “There will come a time when holding on to your emaan (Islamic faith) will be like holding on to hot...
  • Secret Marriages, Abuse and Religious Witch Hunts
    Keep your private life private, and keep your heart connected to Allah. And be very careful about whom you...
  • The Beauty of Not Forgiving
    “Forgiveness is more for you than for your abuser,” we are told. And that’s true. But here’s what’s also...