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  • African American woman with humorous expression
    Ignorant People Annoy Me Too…But
    “I guarantee a house on the outskirts of Paradise for one who abandons arguments even if he is right,...
  • Ornament of mother holding a baby
    Unconditional Love Doesn’t Exist, Nor Is It Praiseworthy
    “Too much control thrives when family members cling to a myth that everything is perfect when it’s not.” —Dan Neuharth,...
  • Muslim woman in niqaab looking forward
    ‘But I Don’t Want Forgiveness’
    The following is an excerpt from the book And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in Islam by Umm...
  • Wall hanging that says, "Good Morning... Let the stress begin" with a figurine of a frog carrying books next to it
    No Place Like Home: American Teacher in Saudi
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I lived as an expat in Saudi Arabia from 2005 to 2013. This blog was written about...
  • Muslim woman silhouette at sunset
    Reality of Ramadan: You Might Not Benefit
    "Ramadan is the month of mercy, not the month of perfection. You’ll still make mistakes, and you’ll still fall...
  • black and white photo of Muslim woman looking down sad
    Maybe It’s Divorce We’re Taking Lightly
    "Marriage is not the end of the rainbow, and divorce is not the end of the world." —from the journal...
  • Muslim woman in red hijab looking pensive
    She Couldn’t Have Sex with Her Husband: Modesty Gone...
    She was taught that sex was dirty and shameful, so she was never allowed to talk about it. In...
  • Photo of African-American woman looking down, wearing red burgundy hijab
    Nobody Cares About Black Muslims, He Said
    alone. it hurts. I cannot lie to be abandoned by those who look like me because I see the other as brethren too and then to...
  • Yesterday, I Cried
    The following is an excerpt from the book And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in...
  • child's hand holding out a strawberry
    Strawberry Prayers: A Lesson of Ramadan Love
    The following is an excerpt from the book And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in...
  • dark photo of female robot with artificial face partially off
    When Religion Is a Weapon: Understanding Spiritual Abuse
    emotional abuse. the etiquette of disagreement in cults and sects and in families who love you so much that they hurt you for their...
  • sad Muslim woman in blue hijab looking down in dark sunlight silhouette
    Why Many ‘Good Muslims’ Aren’t My Friends
    triggers. gunshots to the heart when all is well —even if. CLICK HERE. READ NOW “Lol.” That was the response I received from a fellow...