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  • hands of man and woman (wearing diamond wedding ring) with pinky fingers linked
    Emotional Pain Doesn’t Justify Changing the Religion
    “Every trial that happens to you in life is doing two things: pointing you to who your Lord is, and bringing...
  • back profile of woman holding red umbrella standing near water at night
    No Calls, No Visits: A Bipolar Muslim Woman’s Story
    Did you know that July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month? The following is an excerpt from the true story, No One...
  • Image of Muslim woman wearing light hijab, black clothes and holding colorful umbrella
    Compassion Means Supporting Sin? Idols of Emotionalism and Sexuality
    “Beware of emotionalism. It is like a cheating spouse. Faithful to nothing except what excites it at the moment. Follow it...
  • African-American man with closely cropped trimmed beard laughing, wearing earrings
    We Need Leaders Protecting Us, Not Their Pride
    Where are the men? They are scowling at me for my “wrong” hijab. SubhaanAllah! Where are the men? They are criticizing me...
  • Muslim woman smiling with hijab covering most of her face, black background
    I Guess We All Need Someone To Blame
    “And you have more knowledge than the imam, huh?” she asked, mockery in her tone. I said nothing to this...
  • Side profile of African American man with beard wearing a winter hat
    Are You Worshipping Your Imam or Sheikh?
    I was both shocked and heartbroken when I found myself on the receiving end of my community’s slander and character...
  • Muslim woman wearing black hijab
    Be Prepared To Be Alone
    “If what the imam is teaching is wrong,” a community elder told me, “then why would Allah bless him with...
  • Two African American friends smiling
    Be Merciful to Righteous and Sinful Souls. No Need...
    Nothing in this world belongs to you. Nothing. Not even your own soul is yours, as it will be returned to...
  • Muslim woman in hijab reflecting with eyes closed
    Wronging Others For the Sake of Justice
    right to do wrong. i have the right to abuse you because you remind me of other abusers —unhealed wounds CLICK HERE. READ NOW I know...
  • Two hijabi Muslim women
    A Mistress Has No Lord?
    This must be what it feels like to give up on your soul, I remember thinking years ago when I nearly...
  • Black woman in black hijab giving side eye
    Prejudice Bones in My Body
    The following is an excerpt from the book Prejudice Bones in My Body: Essays on Muslim Racism, Bigotry and...
  • Sad woman wearing black veil and abaya with hands over her face in du'aa or shame
    Do You Have a Toxic Relationship with Your Soul?
    Some time ago, a friend of mine shared with me a humorous post that was posted on the social media...