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  • He Apologized? We Have No Idea What an Apology...
    "An apology, if it is truly an apology, is no more than a hope and a prayer—that the damage...
  • silhouette of bride and groom by water near trees and image reflection on water
    How ‘Good People’ End Up Destroying Lives and Souls
    “The tongue, O Allah, the tongue! Protect me from it, even as it moves in broken rhythm with my...
  • newly weds standing on shore near water
    You Own No Heart or Life, But Your Own
    “And all those worldly comforts and human relationships you thought you couldn’t live without? They were just temporary companions...
  • silhouette of man wearing cap backwards reflecting sad looking down alone
    The Other Side of Hurt: It’s Not About You
    No one should have to apologize for taking care of themselves. This is something that took me a long time...
  • Shukr, Teaching Your Hurting Heart Gratefulness
    O Allah! I have wronged my soul, so forgive me. I have forgotten myself, so pardon me. I have become frustrated...
  • Forced Positivity in the Abuse of Forgiveness
    Some people find it hard to forgive because they were never given any other choice. Forgiveness was the noose tightened...
  • beautiful black woman with eyes closed holding autumn leaf in front of her face
    Learn Who You Are Before Embracing Who You Are
    “Self-love isn’t always about focusing on all the wonderful things about yourself. More than anything, self-love is self-honesty. It...
  • Muslim teen sitting wearing hat, jeans and lowered sunglasses, looking reflective and sad
    We Need Spiritual Honesty and Compassion, Not Saviors
    There are endless waves of darkness, but only one noor (spiritual light of faith)… When I found myself drowning in...
  • Hijab woman wearing sunglasses and hat with hands out
    Does Your Pride Make You Honorable?
    Once while I was teaching high school to young women in Saudi Arabia, some my Arab students were explaining...
  • We Are All Being Tested
    “Do you believe that your struggle is more severe than the personal trials of every other Muslim? Why then...
  • What Worldly Garden Are You Rejoicing In?
    “It doesn’t matter how little or how much you have. In the end, all that will matter is what...
  • black and white photo of hands raised in praise in church
    Everybody’s Preaching Something, Don’t Be Naive
    Loss has a way of bringing so many things to light. This is what I find myself pondering as...