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  • Yesterday, I Cried
    The following is an excerpt from the book And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in...
  • child's hand holding out a strawberry
    Strawberry Prayers: A Lesson of Ramadan Love
    The following is an excerpt from the book And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in...
  • dark photo of female robot with artificial face partially off
    When Religion Is a Weapon: Understanding Spiritual Abuse
    emotional abuse. the etiquette of disagreement in cults and sects and in families who love you so much that they hurt you for their...
  • sad Muslim woman in blue hijab looking down in dark sunlight silhouette
    Why Many ‘Good Muslims’ Aren’t My Friends
    triggers. gunshots to the heart when all is well —even if. CLICK HERE. READ NOW “Lol.” That was the response I received from a fellow...
  • Rainy dew image with Woman in orange hijab looking toward horizon
    Entitlement and Ungratefulness Ruin Lives and Marriages
    “Sometimes getting lost is the only way to find your way back home. Because before then, you didn’t even...
  • Muslim girl in hijab looking sad near sunset over water and hot air balloon in sky
    Stop ‘Time Wasters’ in Ramadan?
    "You criticize me for my faults and choices, saying, “You should stay away from doubtful!” But what you label...
  • silhouette of trees by water with night sky and sad Muslim woman looking down with crescent moon above
    Ramadan for the Imperfect Muslim
    “I know I am not perfect, but no matter how many mistakes I make, I will not give up,...
  • photo of Umm Zakiyyah overlooking the Indian Ocean at sunrise
    Ramadan Is Coming and I’m Scared
    “Jannah (Paradise) is not for perfect people. It is for the sinful who, in the end, didn't give up...
  • Umm Zakiyyah's hand writing in journal
    Journaling Helped Me Find My Voice
    baggage. everyone is carrying a story. but only a few will allow the pen to break their souls wide open. —even if. CLICK HERE....
  • side view of elderly Arab man with turban and pipe
    Who Are the Real Scholars Today?
    righteous scholars. you’ll know them by their compass that guides them and you. its needle has a single marking and points to only two— Allah and...
  • Can Muslims Take a Lesson from LGBTQ Groups?
    labels and sects. please leave off your battle calls and self praise and your carefully crafted fiqhi art and when I ask who you are I...
  • Do Friends Need Prenup Agreements?
    For years, I was a peacemaker to a fault. I would apologize even when I didn’t do anything wrong....
  • Woman lookiing at the Sunset
    False Piety Causes Pain
    Oh the script, that religious script, the one handed to every student of books and classes, who reads his lines...
  • Stop Recruiting Members and Start Saving Souls
    The following is an excerpt from Prejudice Bones in My Body: Essays on Muslim Racism, Bigotry and Spiritual Abuse...
  • Prejudice Bones in My Body
      CLICK HERE. LISTEN NOW alone. it hurts. I cannot lie to be abandoned by those who look like me because I see the other as...