Pay It Forward! Give the Gift of a Book and a Smile

Introducing the first ever UZ “Pay It Forward” program.

For nearly fifteen years, UZ books have touched the hearts of readers all over the world, inspiring non-Muslims to accept Islam or to understand the faith correctly for the first time, and Muslims to feel confident or more knowledgeable about their faith. In high schools, colleges, and universities in America and abroad, the books are used in multicultural and interfaith studies, and they are required reading in many Muslim schools. The books have also been effective is combatting Islamophobia.

What is the UZ “Pay It Forward” program?

For more than ten years, Umm Zakiyyah has donated her books free of charge to prisons, charities, and individuals in financial difficulty. Now, for the first time, you can support this effort through the UZ “Pay It Forward” program. Your “Pay It Forward” gift provides the gift of a book (and hopefully a smile!) to both Muslim and non-Muslim readers and organizations who cannot afford the books.

How It Works.

Simply follow this link: and gift any amount you wish. Please mention “ UZ Pay It Forward” in any message or details about this transaction. (If you do not already have a Paypal account, you’ll be prompted to create one).

A Special Thank You!

For “Pay It Forward” gifts of $250 dollars or more, you are eligible to receive an autographed copy of any UZ book with a personalized “thank you” message inside.*

To receive your autographed “thank you” gift, email Al-Walaa Publications at after giving your “Pay It Forward” gift.

*Offer based on availability and preferred shipping location. This offer is available for a limited time only and may not be available in your area. Questions? Email us at


Is my financial gift tax deductible?


Is Al-Walaa Publications a non-profit organization?

While some of the beneficiaries of our donated books are non-profit 501c3 organizations, Al-Walaa Publications itself is not a non-profit 501c3 company.

What does my “Pay It Forward” gift cover?

Your financial gift covers the retail cost of the book plus shipping and handling, where applicable.

Can I specify the specific organization or individual that will benefit from my gift?

If you would like to gift any UZ book(s) to a specific organization or individual, please contact Al-Walaa Publications at before using the Paypal link so that we can make specific arrangements for your gift.

Can I specify the type of organization or individual that will benefit from my gift?

No. However, if there is a specific organization to which you’d like to gift any UZ book(s), please contact Al-Walaa Publications at before using the Paypal link so that we can make specific arrangements for your gift.

Are UZ books available free of charge to every individual or organization in financial difficulty?

While we are striving to make our donated books more widely available to eligible individuals and organizations worldwide, it is not possible for us to offer this gift to every individual and organization that requests it.

How does an individual or organization qualify to receive a donation of UZ book(s) free of charge?

If you or someone you know (whether an individual or organization) is in financial difficulty and would like to receive a donation of UZ book(s) free of charge, use our contact form here:

While we are unable to honor every request, we strive our best to assist as many people and organizations as possible. In general, requests from charitable organizations and prisons take precedence over personal requests. However, we are more than happy to honor personal requests when possible.

Contact Us

Questions? Email us at

Pay It Forward, now! 

About the Author

Umm Zakiyyah is the bestselling author of the novels If I Should Speak and Muslim Girl and of the internationally acclaimed blogs and short stories at She writes about the interfaith struggles of Muslims and Christians and the intercultural, spiritual, and moral struggles of Muslims in America. Her books are used in schools and universities for multicultural and interfaith studies; and her work has earned praise from writers, professors, and filmmakers and has been translated into multiple languages.

Dr. Robert D. Crane, advisor to former US President Nixon, said of Umm Zakiyyah, “…no amount of training can bring a person without superb, natural talent to captivate the reader as she does and exert a permanent intellectual and emotional impact.”

Professor K. Bryant of Howard University said of If I Should Speak, “The novel belongs to…a genre worthy of scholarly study.”

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