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Back by popular demand, for a limited time only: 25 eBooks (in pdf) by Umm Zakiyyah for only $25, including novels, journal collections, self-help, and spiritual inspiration: If I Should Speak trilogy, His Other Wife, UZ Short Story Collection, and more… (See full list in Description below).

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25 UZ eBooks for $25 (Pre-Ramadan Special)*


If I Should Speak (Book 1 in trilogy)

A Voice (Book 2 in trilogy)

Footsteps (Book 3 in trilogy)

Realities of Submission

Hearts We Lost

His Other Wife

Juvenile Fiction Novels:

Muslim Girl

The Friendship Promise


The Test Paper

Short Stories:

UZ Short Story Collection


The Abuse of Forgiveness: Manipulation and Harm in the Name of Emotional Healing

Reverencing the Wombs That Broke You: A Daughter of Rape Inspires Healing and Healthy Family

No One Taught Me the Human Side of Islam: The Muslim Hippie’s Story of Living with Bipolar Disorder

And Then I Gave Up: Essays About Faith and Spiritual Crisis in Islam

I Almost Left Islam: How I Reclaimed My Faith

Prejudice Bones in My Body: Essays on Muslim Racism, Bigotry and Spiritual Abuse

Let’s Talk About Sex and Muslim Love: Essays on Intimacy and Romantic Relationships in Islam

Journal Collections and Art Therapy:

even if.


Pain. From the Journal of Umm Zakiyyah

Faith. From the Journal of Umm Zakiyyah

The Month of Mercy, Not Perfection: Ramadan Journal

Broken yet Faithful: From the Journal of Umm Zakiyyah

Instructive and Educational:

Let’s Get Creative: Themes and Writing Prompts for Fiction Stories

He Asked About Islam

*All 25 eBooks are in pdf format